2016 All Born (in) Conference

"We are all born in - Collaborating to support inclusion & equity"

11th Annual All Born (In) Conference – April 23rd, 2016

Northwest Down Syndrome Association and All Born (in) wish to thank everyone who came to Cross Disability Best Practices Inclusion Conference. Over 550 attendees (a record!) gathered at the Portland Airport Holiday Inn to participate in 35 workshops on topics ranging from inclusive education to financial planning to disability history and so much more. This year’s attendees included parents, professionals, educators, caregivers, self-advocates, policymakers, and community members all coming together to share ideas about how to reach and teach all children, and support everyone to succeed through transition into adult life.

Our keynote speakers this year were Dr. Richard Villa and Keith Jones. Dr. Villa opened the day with a moving and informative keynote presentation on successful inclusion that energized the room. Mr. Jones made us laugh and think, and challenged ideas about humanity during his lunch time keynote address.

A special Friend of Inclusion award was presented at the end of the day to Nancy Anderson, Assistant Director of Student Services at David Douglas School District. Nancy’s indefatigable support of inclusion has been a gift to our community and the students she serves for many years.

Resources from the sessions and presentations from this year’s conference will be available for download from our websites soon.

The ABI conference would not be possible without our staff and volunteers, support from the community, and the generosity of our sponsors and partners. Thank you to everyone who made this year’s conference a success!

Keith Jones is a Disability Rights Activist, Composer, Producer, and Hip Hop Artist. He was featured in the documentary Including Samuel. He is a powerful voice on the issues of access, inclusion and empowerment. Over his years as an advocate, Mr. Jones has received multiple awards and presented entertaining and enlightening keynote speeches nationally and internationally. He is known as a pioneer and a strong advocate on a wide breath of issues. Keith Jones is the Founder, President and CEO of SoulTouchin’ Experiences. dasoultoucha.com

Dr. Richard A. Villa has worked with thousands of teachers and administrators to develop and implement organizational and instructional support systems for educating all students within general education settings. Rich has been a teacher and special educator, pupil personnel services director, and director of instructional services. He works with schools, agencies, and advocacy organizations. He has authored over a hundred articles and book chapters regarding inclusive education. Rich is known for his enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and humorous style of presenting. ravillabayridge.com

1a. Planning My Way to Work: A Transition Guide for Students with Disabilities Leaving High School

Jaime Daignault: Executive Director, Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities (OCDD); Panel of parents and self-advocates

1b. Kindergarten Inclusion on Track for an Inclusive Life

Abby Braithwaite: NWDSA/ABI; Carrie Hutchinson: Kindergarten Inclusion Cohort Coordinator, NWDSA/ABI; Nancy Anderson: Assistant Director of Student Services, David Douglas School District; Molly Hulett: Teacher and parent; Raelene Gilmore: Kindergarten Teacher, Gaffney Lane

1c. Co-Teaching Creates Stronger Teams, Increased Understanding of all Students’ Needs, Stronger Instructional Programs and Increased acceptance of Differences

Dr. Richard A. Villa: Bayridge Consortium Inc

1d. ABLE Act and ABLE Savings Accounts: The Best Options for Your Family and What You Need to Know

David Bell: Outreach Director, Oregon 539 Savings Network; Chris Rodriguez: National Disability Institute; Angela Jarvis-Holland: Executive Director, NWDSA/ABI

1e. Writing Inclusive Goals that Drive the IEP

Noelle Sisk: Portland Public Schools SPED Family and Community Coordinator

1f. Cognitopia Connect: Life Management Applications to Support People Who Creatively Navigate Their World and Meet Their Needs

Tom Keating Ph.D: Founder & CEO, Cognitopia, Josh Barbour ME: Eugene 4J Schools, and Toby Rickard MS: Eugene 4J Schools

1g. Homes not Housing

Joe Wykowski: Executive Director, Community Vision Inc; Alicia Delashmutt: Founding Neighbor, Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative

1h. Supporting Children and All Their Diverse Needs in Fast Moving 3-6th Grade Classrooms

Ann Donaca-Sullivan; Professor, Concordia University and Parent; Susana Walker: Teacher, Chief Joseph Elementary

1i. Universal Design for Learning: Strategies for Making Learning Accessible in the Classroom

Robin Shobe MS: CCC-SLP

2a. Transition and Inclusive Postsecondary Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability: Having High Expectations

Debra Hart: Director of Education and Transition Team, Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts

2b. The Intersectionality between Race and Disability: What is the Cost to Us All if We Don’t Embrace the True Complexity of Our Community?

Keith Jones: Community Leader and Advocate

2c. Assistive Technology and the Common Core: Making it Accessible to All

Veronica Sautter: Assistive Technology Coordinator, David Douglas School District; Luan Nguyen: Instructional Technology Integration Coach

2d. Why Inclusion Matters: Personal Stories from School, College, and Work

Linnea Goranson: Office Assistant, Portland State University, Self-Advocate; Rachel Esteve: New Parent Outreach Assistant, NWDSA/ABI; Sue Bert: Portland State Graduate School of Education; Sam Sennott Ph.D: Assistant Professor of Special Education at Portland State University

2e. Visual Supports That Work for the Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom

Cindy Ryan Ed.D: Assistant Professor, Western Oregon University

2f. Beyond Paid Services: Natural Supports, Community Building and Understanding Current Policy

Larry Deal: Executive Director, Independence Northwest

2g. Behavior Management: Myths, Misconceptions, and What Parents and Teachers Need to Know

Dr. Ruth Falco Ph.D: Director of Research Center on Inclusive Practices, Portland State University; Sheldon Loman Ph.D: Assistant Professor, Portland State University

2h. Writing Culturally Appropriate IEP Goals that Drive Inclusion

Gabrielle Bolivar: Executive Director, OrFirst

2i. Video Resume and Advocacy for People with Disabilities: Telling a Short Story, Highlighting Strengths, and Accomplishing Goals

Emily Harris: Program Manager, WISE

3a. Differentiating Instruction: Techniques, Tools and Joy to Reach and Teach Every Student in the General Education Classroom

Dr. Richard A. Villa: Bayridge Consortium Inc

3b. Decoding the Individualized Education Plan (IEP): Understanding Rights, Law, Testing and Evaluation

Chris Shank: Special Education Attorney, Disability Rights Oregon

3c. Sheltered Workshops and other Policy Positive Changes over the Last Year

Bob Joondeph: Executive Director, Disability Rights Oregon

3d. Behavior in the Early Years: Ideas for When the Going Gets Tough

Stephanie Hunter: Behavior Specialist/OIS Trainer, Opportunity Foundation of Central Oregon

3e. Person Centered Planning


Emily Harris: Program Manager, WISE

3f. Changing the Course and the Conversation: One District’s Journey to Creating Inclusive Learning Communities for All

Jennifer Spencer-Iiams , Ed.D: Director of Student Services, West Linn-Wilsonville School District; Panel of Teachers, Parents, Self-Advocates

3g. Accessible Educational Materials & Literacy in Middle and High School: Everyone has a Story, They Just Might Need a Different Pen

Mathieu Jazbinschek: Technology Instructional Coach, Evergreen Public Schools

3h. Systems Change for Equity: Powerful, Interactive Group Process Creating a Vision Map

CJ Webb: Program Manager, OTAC; Aniko Adany: Project Specialist/Graphic Facilitator, OTAC

4a. Economic Freedom and Rights: The Policies that Free our People to Create Financial Well Being and Support Real Lives in Community

Chris Rodriguez: Senior Policy Advisor, National Disability Institute

4b. Transition Planning in the IEP; Helping Parents and Teachers Understand and Contribute to Post-Secondary Goals and Success

Sally Simich: Education Specialist, Secondary Transition Office of Learning and Student Services; Allison Adams: Assistant Principal Community Transition Program, PPS; Rena Shrikk: Special Education Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA); Heather Lindsay: Education Program Specialist, ODE Programs and Assessment

4c. Think College! Postsecondary Education Opportunities: What is happening in Oregon

Debra Hart: Director of Education and Transition Team, Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts; Ann Fullerton: NEEDS TITLE; Sue Bert: Portland State Graduate School of Education; Angela Jarvis-Holland: Executive Director, NWDSA/ABI, Dan Jarvis-Holland: Student, Self-Advocate

4d. What Does it Look Like When it Works? Creating Schools and Communities Where We All Belong

Keith Jones: Community Leader and Advocate

4e. Sesión en Español – Descubriendo el Código: Comprendiendo el Comportamiento de su Hijo y la Exploración de Herramientas y Estrategias que Apoyen Comportamientos Positivos Durante las Transiciones

Raquel Martinez: Spanish Behavior Specialist and Outreach, OTAC

4f. Combining Dramatic Play with Shared Reading in the Classroom and Home

Sam Sennott: Assistant Professor of Special Education, PSU

4g. History of Americans with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Michael T Bailey: Former President, National Disability Rights Network, Author, Father

4h. How to Support Diverse Learners in Inclusive Preschool Classrooms

Lori Kellogg: Principal of Tualatin Early Childhood Center, Northwest ESD; Tim Andrews: David Douglas School District; Tracy Zell, Northwest ESD; Corinne Kaleese: Early Childhood CARES, Lane County (NOTE: Judith Newman will not be presenting at this session)

4i. Inclusive Practices that Work: Examples from Oregon SWIFT Schools that Any School Can Use

Dr. Ruth Falco Ph.D: Director of Research Center on Inclusive Practices, Portland State University; Patrick Kelly, Regional Programs/Best Practices Education Specialist; Melinda Mitchiner Ph.D: Assistant Director of Technical Assistance, School-wide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Center

The Standard • The Carol & Velma Saling Foundation • David Douglas School District • West Linn / Wilsonville School District • Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities • Early Learning Multnomah • Independence NW • Concordia University • Oregon 529 Savings Network • OrFIRST • DSAMC • Multnomah County • Inclusive Childcare Program • Portland Public Schools • United Cerebral Palsy • Multnomah Education Service District • Disability Rights Oregon

Thank you to the All Born (in) Conference Coalition & Steering Committee

Thanks to Jared Holmgren Photography www.jaredholmgren.com • Jodi Collins www.urban-photography.com • Generous contributions and in-kind support of speakers and numerous others. A special thank you to the Universal Design for Living and Learning Coalition.