2017 All Born (in) Conference

"Inclusion: It's About Humanity"

12th Annual All Born (In) Conference – March 18, 2017

Preparing parents, educators, schools, and communities to successfully embrace diversity by sharing tools and inspiring the courage to reach and teach all people. Nearly 600 strong, the annual conference focused on building relationships between teachers, parents, and community. This year we were proud to host several leaders from the disability community to inspire and guide us.

The morning keynote —”How Universal Design for Learning is Like a Trip to the Beach with 30 Friends and Family”—was presented by Elizabeth Stein, a dynamic, nationally-renowned educator and author.

During lunch, an all-star policy panel moderated by Rebecca Cokley —Executive Director of National Council on Disability and former White House Director— addressed parents and advocates. Panelists included Stephanie Smith Lee from National Down Syndrome Congress, community advocate Keith Jones, Bob Joondeph from Disability Rights Oregon, and Representative Sara Gelser.

Elizabeth Stein’s career spans early intervention, grades K-12, and undergraduate and graduate level courses. She is a CAST cadre member and a contributing writer to Education Week. She is the author of the books Comprehension Lessons for RTI: Grades 3-5: Assessments, Intervention Lessons, and Management Tips to Help You Reach and Teach Tier 2 and Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL, and the popular blog Two Teachers in the Room. Elizabeth earned National Board Certification in Literacy and is a doctoral student at Molloy College Educational Leadership for Diverse Learning Communities program.

Rebecca Cokley came to National Council on Disability after serving four years in the Obama Administration. As Director of Priority Placement for Public Engagement in the Presidential Personnel Office at the White House, she was responsible for outreach to diversity and minority organizations to recruit qualified individuals for the Obama Administration. She also served in policy roles at the Department of Health and Human Services, and in the Department of Education’s Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services.


1a. Expand Your Repertoire of Instructional Strategies; Tools and Techniques to Turn Differences into Assets in the Busy Classroom
Presented by Elizabeth Stein: Educator, UDL Instructional Coach, Author

1b. Behavior in the Early Years; Ideas, Positive Strategies and Tools for Parents and Teachers
Presented by Zac A. Carr: Positive Behavioral Consultant, Behavior Is Communication

1c. ABLE Act: Investing for a Bright Future and Creating Financial Well-Being; the Future and Lessons Learned
Presented by David Bell: Outreach Director, Oregon 529 Savings Network; Steven Holland: President, NWDSA/ABI & Manager of Financial Planning and Analysis, The Campbell Group, LLC

1d. Visual Supports that Work for the Inclusive Early Childhood Classroom
Presented by Dr. Natalie Danner: Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education, Western Oregon University.

1e. Everyone has a Voice; Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) & Assistive Technology (AT) to Promote Success in the Early Years
Presented by Ruth McKee: Assistive Technology Practitioner; Sam Sennott, Ph.D: Assistant Professor of Special Education, Portland State University; Deborah Lesher: MS, CCC-SLP

1f. How to Use Goals in the IEP to Drive an Inclusive Placement
Presented by Noelle Sisk: SPED Family and Community Coordinator, Portland Public Schools

1g. How to be a Force for Positive Change; Parents and Youth Impacting Inclusive Education and College Options Around the Country
Presented by Stephanie Smith Lee: Senior Policy Advisor, National Down Syndrome Congress

1h. Lead On! Youth Working Together to Create Positive Change
Presented by Rebecca Cokley: Executive Director, National Council on Disability

2a. Building Culturally Welcoming and Inclusive Schools and Communities; Why Do We Educate
Presented by Keith Jones: Community Leader and Advocate

2b. Leveling the Playing Field with Adapted Play
Presented by Ruth McKee: Assistive Technology Practitioner

2c. Kindergarten Inclusion; On Track for an Inclusive Life
Presented by Carrie Hutchinson: Coordinator, Kindergarten Inclusion Cohort; Molly Hulett: ESD Teacher, Clackamas & KIC graduate; Raelene Gilmore: Teacher, Gaffney Lane

2d. Disability History; Overview and Social Justice
Presented by Michael Bailey: Author, former President, National Disability Rights Network

2e. Transition in Education; Helping Parents and Teachers Understand and Contribute to Post-Secondary Goals and Success
Presented by Sally Simich: Education Specialist, Oregon Department of Education; Heather Lindsey: Secondary Transition Liaison, Oregon Department of Education; Lizzy Juaniza-Saso: Transition Network Facilitator, Multnomah Education Service District

2f. Decoding the Individualized Education Plan (IEP); Understanding Rights, Law, Testing, and Evaluation
Presented by Chris Shank: Special Education Attorney, Disability Rights Oregon

2g. Partnering with Families from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds to Improve Inclusive Outcomes for Students with Disabilities
Presented by Dr. Julie Esparza Brown, Ed.D: Associate Professor, Department of Special Education at Portland State University; Dr. Sheldon Loman: Diverse Special Educator (DISE), Portland State University; Gloria Alonso: Special Education Teacher, Portland Public Schools

2h. Inclusive Classrooms: Collaborative Teams of General Ed and SPED Teachers Share What is Working in WLWV Schools
Presented by Dr. Jennifer Spencer-Iiams, Ed.D: Assistant Superintendent for Student Services, West Linn-Wilsonville School District; Panel of General Education and Special Education Teacher Teams from three

3a. Think College at Portland State University; Our Journey to Build an Inclusive College Experience
Presented by Debra Hart: Director of Education and Transition, Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts; Sue Bert: Portland State Graduate School of Education; Nick Bender: TCIO; Megan McFarland: Admissions and Academic Advising Coordinator, Portland State University; Rachel Esteve: New Parent Outreach Assistant, NWDSA/ABI, Self-advocate, and PSU student; Angela Jarvis-Holland: Executive Director, NWDSA/ABI; Stephanie Smith Lee: Senior Policy Advisor, National Down Syndrome Congress

3b. An Overview of Program-Wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PW-PBIS)
Presented by Renée K. Van Norman, Ph.D: EI/ECSE Education Specialist, Oregon Department of Education

3c. We are All Born In; Collaborating to Support Inclusion and Equity
Presented by Rebecca Cokley: Executive Director, National Council on Disability

3d. Each Voice Matters; Elevating Student Narrative
Presented by Elizabeth Stein: Educator, UDL Instructional Coach, Author

3e. Listen to Me! Workshop for Youth to Use Your Voice and Build Your Power
Presented by Keith Jones: Community Leader and Advocate

3f. Collaborative Teaching: A Partnership of General Education and Special Education
Presented by Danielle Johnson: Coordinator of Student Services; Debbie Alvarado: Special Education Teacher, Hillsboro School District

3g. Supporting Children and All Their Diverse Needs in Fast-Moving General Ed Classrooms
Presented by Ann Donaca-Sullivan; Professor, Concordia University and Parent; Shelley Simonson: Kindergarten Teacher, Portland Public Schools; Susana Walker: Teacher, Chief Joseph Elementary

3h. Mindfulness and Sexuality; Yoga, Meditation and Pranayam (Focused Breathing)
Presented by Dr. Neera Malhota: Professor, Portland State University with a focus on Critical Theory, Gender and Sexuality, and Critical Pedagogy

4a. How Schools and Community Best Support a Child When Behavior Gets Challenging; Supporting Confidence, Competence and Well-Being
Presented by Zac A. Carr: Positive Behavioral Consultant, Behavior Is Communication

4b. Beyond Paid Services; the Importance of Natural Supports and Community Building in a Changing Landscape
Presented by Larry Deal: Executive Director, Independence Northwest Brokerage; Melissa Thompson: Parent, Advocate, and Personal Agent, Independence Northwest Brokerage

4c. Real Lives, Real Dreams; the Value of Being Part of a Team
Presented by Darla Helt: Parent, Clark County Parent Coalition; Jessie Banaszek: Self-Advocate; Ryan Moor: Job Coach; TJ Stepper: Co-worker

4d. iPad Applications and Chromebooks Fundamentals that Support Inclusion
Presented by Sam Sennott, Ph.D: Assistant Professor of Special Education, Portland State University; Reny Ferrari: Lab Manager and Graduate Research Assistant, Universal Design Lab (uLab)

4e. Empowerment and Advocacy for Parents – Session in Spanish
Presented by Maria Rangel: Multicultural Outreach Coordinator, Clark County Parent Coalition; Panel of FOLA Graduates

4f. Promoting a Sense of Belonging; Research and Promising Practices
Presented by Dr. Shannon Davidson: Senior Researcher, Education Northwest

4g. Bodies and Minds in Motion; Setting Oneself Up to Succeed
Presented by Mary K. Williams: Occupational Therapist, Portland Public Schools & Owner, Celebrate the Senses

4h. Having High Expectations; Transition and Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Programs for Students with Intellectual Disability
Presented by Debra Hart: Director of Education and Transition, Institute for Community Inclusion at University of Massachusetts

2017 CONFERENCE PREMIER SPONSOR: Portland Public Schools

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We greatly appreciate the generous contributions of speakers, presenters, collaborators, donors, and volunteers • Special thanks to the Universal Design for Living and Learning Coalition