The NWDSA is looking for sponsors for the 2017 All Born (In) conference. The annual cross-disability conference is held every spring in partnership with Portland State University and Multnomah Educational Service District. This unique conference offers parents and professionals the opportunity to come together to explore and celebrate inclusive education, creating schools where every learner can succeed.

Over the last ten years, the All Born (In) conference has inspired parents and professionals with cutting-edge best practices in inclusive education. NWDSA partners with Portland State University, Multnomah Educational Service District and others to create a dynamic, informative day.

The 2016 conference presented over 35 sessions that provided tools, resources and ideas to over 500 attendees: 50% parents and 50% professionals. The conference serves the community birth to 21.

Sponsorship Levels

NWDSA invites you to sponsor the 2017 All Born (In) Conference (ABI). ABI prepares parents, educators, schools and communities to successfully embrace diversity, sharing tools and inspiring the courage to reach and teach all students. This annual conference is hosted by NWDSA in cooperation with many regional partners such as local universities, county and state disabilities services providers, school districts, educational collaboratives, parent groups, businesses and more. Last year, ABI attracted over 450 participants, half families and half professionals.

ABI is a best-practices-driven symposium that builds awareness and passion to drive inclusive education. ABI offers concrete skills to parents, educators and social service providers committed to challenging segregation and promoting inclusion of all children. Topics are driven by best practices in inclusive education, by input from past participants and our professional advisory board, and by conversations with NWDSA’s 1600+ cross-disability families across Portland Metro/SW Washington. Planned and executed by dedicated parents, professionals, and individuals experiencing disability, ABI actively engages community partners, education professionals, and disability advocates.

We host three keynotes and over 30 breakout sessions on Universal Design for Learning, assistive technology, special education law and process, early literacy, preschool and kindergarten, positive behavior supports, sexuality, employment, post-secondary education, and more. The ABI Conference addresses the needs of families and professionals and promotes the wider community’s competence on diversity and differentiation. We offer Spanish and ASL interpretation throughout the day, and a soft room for participants with sensory issues.

NWDSA/ABI keeps conference fees low for families and educators. This would not be possible without the support of our community sponsors. Your sponsorship dollars help underwrite costs such as speaker fees, conference facilities, promotional materials, breakfast and lunch for participants, scholarships for low-income families and self advocates, and translation services. We invite you to join our growing sponsors’ circle to bring this incredible, one-of-a-kind resource to families, schools and professionals in Portland Metro/SW Washington and beyond.

Sponsorship levels range from $500 to $10,000. Every dollar invested is complemented by volunteer hours and in-kind donations. Please help us empower families and professionals by supporting this work. Together, we can erase the divide between “us” and “them” and celebrate schools and communities where all individuals are embraced and included.

For more information, please contact:
Angela Frome, Program Director –
or call (503) 238-0522.