2014 All Born (in) Conference

"We All Have the Same Dreams"

The 9th Annual ABI Conference

Thank you to all the volunteers, sponsors and presenters who made the day possible, as well as each participant who spent the day with us, and the helpers back at home who made it possible for us all to be there. It is incredible to see the passion and skills of such a large group come together to make change that will help all children, all schools and all communities. We hope you have had a chance to look through the resource disc you received in your registration packet. Visit our Resources Page to find downloadable resources from conference sessions, presenters, and more.

Session 1a: Empowering Parents, Teachers, and Students to Self-Regulate Utilizing the Zones of Regulation
Presented by Mary K. Williams: Occupational Therapist at Celebrate the Senses

Session 1b: Sexual Health, Sexuality, and Inclusion: Supporting Kids, Supporting Ourselves
Presented by Cory Silverberg MEd: Educator, Author, and Trainer

Session 1c: Discovering the Path to Successful Employment One Strength at a Time: It Starts in the Early Years
Presented by Michael Callahan, MEd: President at Marc Gold & Associates

Session 1d: Collaborating for Student Success: Dynamics that Create Positive IEP Teams
Presented by Christy Reese: FACT Director of Operations; Regina Moreno: Director of Special Education Programs at Concordia University

Session 1e: SWIFT School Framework: Equity and Excellence for All
Presented by Jessica Dunn, PhD: LEA Facilitator; Lisa McCall: Principal, Irvington School; Marie Montalbano: Teacher, Irvington School

Session 1f: Supporting Early Childhood Inclusion through Play
Presented by Cindy Ryan: Assistant Professor at WOU

Session 1g: Personal Power/Political Power: Mobilize Positive Change
Presented by Sharon Lewis: Senior Advisor to the Secretary on Disability Policy; Sara Gelser: Oregon State Representative

Session 1h: Understanding the Law, Inclusion, and Least Restrictive Environment (Session in Spanish)
Presented by Susana Ramírez: Founder of Parents in Action

Session 2a: Starting with the End in Mind: It’s Never too Early to Think About a Path to Full Lives in Community
Presented by Sharon Lewis: Senior Advisor to the Secretary on Disability Policy

Session 2b: Evaluation and Testing: Making Sense of Evaluations, Rating Scales, Data Collection, and Parent Rights
Presented by Chris Shank: Attorney, Disability Rights Oregon

Session 2c: Assistive Technology in Special Education: How to Promote Success and Access to the Curriculum for All
Presented by Samuel Sennott, PhD: Assistant Professor of Special Education at Portland State University

Session 2d: Inclusive Education Goals that Foster Success for School-Age Children
Presented by Gabrielle Mercedes Bolivar: Executive Director of OrFIRST

Session 2e: Behavior in the Early Years: Ideas for When the Going Gets Tough
Presented by Jennifer Allison: Positive Behavior Support Specialist at OTAC

Session 2f: Person-Centered Thinking for Success in the Early Years (0-5)
Presented by Dave Andrews, MS: Supervisor at Multnomah Early Childhood Program David Douglas; Chris Cvitanich, MS: ECSE Teacher at Multnomah Early Childhood Program David Douglas

Session 2g: Leveling the Playing Field; Ready SETT Go!
Presented by Joy Smiley Zabala, EdD ATP: Director of Technical Assistance for CAST and National Center on AIM

Session 3a: Disability History: To Create a Positive Future, You Have to Know Your Past
Presented by Michael T. Bailey: President of National Disability Rights Network

Session 3b: Let’s Start Dreaming Now: IDAs, Savings, Housing, Employment, and Community Asset Creation
Presented by Joe Wykowski: Executive Director; Allison Falleur: Asset Programs Coordinator; Emily Fitz: Dir of Supported Employment; Erich Brill: Dir of Support Programs at Community Vision, Inc.

Session 3c: Physical Restraint & Seclusion OARs and Best Practices
Presented by Michael K. Mahoney, MS NCSP: Oregon Department of Education

Session 3d: Everyone’s Student: Teams Supporting Independence and Success at the Middle School and High School Level
Presented by Laurene McClintock; Meredith Mahurin: Special Education Teachers in the David Douglas School District

Session 3e: Advocacy in Early Childhood: Ideas and Strategies on How to Creatively Advocate for Your Child
Presented by Cindy Ryan: Assistant Professor at WOU

Session 3f: Nuts & Bolts of Kindergarten Transition: Empowering Parents as Knowledgeable Advocates for their Child’s Inclusion in General Education
Presented by Dr. Ruth Falco PhD: Director at Research Center on Inclusive and Effective Educational Practices; Alicia DeLashmutt: Kindergarten Inclusion Cohort Coordinator

Session 3g: Write On; Supporting Struggling Writers – Apps Included
Presented by Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite: Assistive Technology/Literacy Consultant

Session 4a: Push Out: It’s Everyone’s Issue
Presented by Shelia Warren: Portland Parent Union; Angela Jarvis-Holland: Executive Director NWDSA; Allison Falleur: Asset Programs Coordinator at Community Vision, Inc.; Josiah Barber: Coordinator OCDD

Session 4b: Create a Plan for a Working Life: Customize Transitions by Getting to Know People’s Unique Contributions
Presented by Michael Callahan: President at Marc Gold & Associates

Session 4c: Preschool Power: Early Literacy Awareness & Emergent Writing Fun
Presented by Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite: Assistant Tech/Literacy Consultant

Session 4d: Parent Panel on Inclusion (Spanish Session)
Presented by Susana Ramírez

Session 4e: Core Curriculum for All: Using Accessible instructional Materials to Reach and Teach Every Child
Presented by Joy Smiley Zabala: AIM Center at CAST

Session 4f: Behavior Management: Myths, Misconceptions, and What Parents and Teachers Need to Know
Presented by Dr. Ruth Falco PhD: Director at Research Center on Inclusive and Effective Educational Practices; Sheldon Loman, PhD: Assistant Professor, Portland State University

Session 4g: Building Successful Inclusive Friendships and Lives
Ann Donaca-Sullivan, MEd: Director of Wellness at NWDSA; Stephanie McBride, MEd: Professor, PSU; Sue Wilcox: Educator, PPS; Cody Sullivan: Self-advocate

Session 4h: iPad Fundamentals in School and home
Presented by Samuel Sennott, PhD: Assistant Professor of Special Ed at Portland State University

“The Power of High Expectations”
Presented by Sharon Lewis: Senior Advisor to the Secretary on Disability Policy

How families, schools, and policy makers can set the stage for success, working together to knock down the barriers to employment.

Sharon Lewis was appointed Commissioner of the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities in March 2010. She served as the Senior Disability Policy Advisor to U.S. House Committee on Education & Labor, and as a Kennedy Public Policy Fellow for U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Children & Families. Sharon is the recipient of the 2010 Distinguished Leadership in National Disability Policy Award and the Consortium for Citizens with Disabilities Chairman’s Award. In Oregon, Sharon worked on public policy for the Oregon Developmental Disabilities Coalition and for the Arc, served as co-chair of the Oregon Family Action Coalition Team, founded DisabilityCompass.org, partnered in advocacy with NWDSA, and managed the Oregon Partners in Policymaking Program. Sharon is a parent to three daughters, including one with disability.

“Supporting Learners in the Digital Age – Technology for Inclusion”
Presented by Dr. Caroline Ramsey Musselwhite: Assistive Technology/Literacy Consultant

Explore the ways that technology is impacting learning for all students, and how to maximize those supports. Both off-the-shelf tools and assistive technology can make a difference.

Dr. Musselwhite has over 35 years working with students with disabilities, supporting literacy and augmentative communication. She has presented thousands of workshops throughout the world. Dr. Musselwhite has authored a number of books, websites, and software programs. She has initiated Balanced Literacy Clubs in scores of classrooms, and has started Communication Circles for many students. She is an ISAAC Fellow.

“Assuring a working life for all”
Presented by Michael Callahan, MEd: President, Marc Gold & Associates

The importance of customized employment and discovery as critical services in assuring access to successful employment for people who experience significant disabilities.

Michael Callahan has consulted throughout the world in the area of employment and transition for the past thirty years. He has worked with Marc Gold & Associates (MG&A) for 35 years, and has served as president since 1982. He is a co-author of two popular “how-to” books on employment for persons with significant dis¬abilities, Getting Employed, Staying Employed and Keys to the Work Place. He has written numerous articles, chapters, manuals and curriculums pertaining to employment. He has a master’s degree in special education and did doctoral work at Syracuse University in vocational rehabilitation. He is a former national board member for TASH and was a founding board member of APSE. Michael’s current work focuses on Customized Employment and Discovery.

Northwest Down Syndrome Association • The Campbell Group / Grow the Good

David Douglas School District / MECP • FACT: Families & Community Together

Multnomah County Developmental Disabilities Services • Concordia University • Oregon Council on Developmental Disabilities • Wells Fargo • The Standard

Northwest Health Foundation • Community Vision, Inc. • Portland Public Schools Office of Equity and Diversity • Down Syndrome Network of Oregon • United Cerebral Palsy of Oregon and SW Washington • Down Syndrome Association of the Mid-Columbia • Benton County Developmental Disabilities Services • Oregon Health Authority Office of Equity and Inclusion • Portland State University • Lifeworks (Arc of Cowlitz County) • MESD: Multnomah Education Services Division

Reflections from Attendees

“More emotions than I can count or process today. But let’s start with gratitude and a big dose of validation. This has been a hard year of school. And sometimes I was wondering if I was just an inclusion Pollyanna, making this stuff up to make myself feel better. Hearing All Born (In) speakers lay out all the arguments [we] have used this year, seeing the research to support those arguments in plain pixels on the screen, being reminded that life is so much more the PTOTSPEECH, that this is real, vital, true HARD WORK every step of the way, that there are teachers and administrators and employers and more who get it. I laughed, I cried, I raged and at the end, I am just ever so grateful that I have this movement, these people as my home base. I am not crazy. My kids — all kids –deserve more and better. And we will move forever forward.”

“I reflect on all I have heard today at the All Born In conference. I see [my son] in a new light. I see US in a new light. We work hard for the life that he has. He IS amazing!!!!!! He Is part of the ALL. ALL means ALL!!! He will do great things in his life time. I will fight for him and the ALL that need us to fight so that they get the life they deserve”

“Amazing day, inspiring, educational and emotional…every step we take to remind people of the importance of our children in school and this world included is most important! Finding a voice even when it is hard is our goal. I felt the heart and soul of so many people there hoping to change the world one person at a time. Thank you NWDSA for a the work and support you give our community.”

“This was my first time at All Born (in) and definitely not my last. It was really nice to be part of an inclusion conference. Even though it is hard work, it is SO worthwhile and important. Thanks for your advocacy and your awesomeness!”